Watch Out: This CRM App Just Got Very Personal




Ever get an email, open it, and decide you’ll deal with it later? Of course you have. Would you behave differently if the sender was notified that you had opened his email, but failed to respond?

This theoretical question may be a new reality. Earlier today, Streak – a customer relationship management app that integrates with Gmail – unveiled a free new feature that tracks when someone has read your email, what city they read it in and what kind of device they read it on.

“The basic idea is that when you send an email, you get notified immediately whenever somebody reads it,” says Aleem Mawani, Streak’s co-founder. “It also gives you historical context. You can go back to any email you’ve ever sent and see who read it, when, what time, where were they when they read it, what device they read it on.”

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