The 9Billion #CRM Debacle | Smart Selling Tools Blog



If your sales organization is highly mobile, CRM may no longer be the best tool for the mobile rep to use. Not that you should ditch CRM altogether, just don’t make your mobile Salesforce use it as their main interface for inputting or retrieving data. Use a tool like Front Row Solutions to move the 65/35 efficiency needle to a more balanced ratio that will deliver more revenue. Use your CRM more like the database it is. Feed it with data that reps enter from their smart phones or tablets.

If you haven’t yet decided on a CRM system, now is the time to think about what you need a CRM system to do for you and how it can and should help all users (especially salespeople). Look for next generation sales tools like Pipeline Deals and Membrain that each bring unique advantages. Pipeline Deals takes minutes to install and brings together features that today’s teams need like leaderboards, and social selling tools with an easy to use interface. Do not underestimate the importance of ease-of-use if you want salespeople to use it. To learn more about why, read “The 8 Buying Considerations CRM Vendors Don’t Want You to Know About” (hint they all have to do with USEABILITY).

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