Double Your Holiday Power with a Virtual Contact Center and CRM!LSv7g





If the holidays are about to turn your business from small to mid-sized, don’t wait for increased seasonal demand to max out your business phone system. Consider moving or upgrading to a cloud-based contact center, which can make the transition easier—AND help you to better manage the holiday rush.

A cloud-based contact center can provide you with the info you need to manage seasonal demand in real-time. And, they’re more flexible than call centers alone, since they not only manage phone calls, but email and Web chat as well.

A large retail customer—a popular skate gear retail chain—told us that the company relies heavily on reporting information they get from their cloud-based contact center software. In 2012, it really helped handle record-breaking call volume during the 2012 holiday season, according to the customer satisfaction manager there. “We wouldn’t have been able to manage such a large volume of calls without the reporting information we got,” he says.

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