Discover Why Finding Your New CRM Is Not a Solo Project





I’ve been involved in project management since 1988, and without a shadow of a doubt the projects that are most likely to fail or need to be resuscitated by a collaborative team further down the line are the ones where someone has the bright idea to go it alone and force change from the top down. It might be your business, and you might put a huge amount of work in, but unless you’re a solopreuneur (even then it’s doubtful) then you don’t run that business by yourself. You steer your team, but it is they that deploy the company message and service customers. They are the front-line and so they know the minutiae of what goes on daily and what makes your customers tick.

The key is to manage the process well by keeping everyone focused on the task at hand. Make sure that ground rules are set, that everyone feels they are in a safe and non-judgmental environment  where they can freely express their views.

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